How can I get up to speed with the updated GDP/Good Distribution Practice?

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Well, you should already be… but many are not.

The updates came into force in September last year.

For those who haven’t yet caught up, or are still not completely sure about what they are doing, we recommend purchasing the Green Guide 2014, Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors.

But for those of you who feel that £55 is not a good spend of your money, you can view the updates from March 7th 2013 here; 

This will give you a bit of extra support.

Please note that if £55 is too much to spend, perhaps you aren’t taking your wholesale operation seriously, and should consider whether this business is for you.

There are some significant updates in the Green Guide, and you would be wise to purchase and read it from cover to cover, more than once.

Remember that all inspection reports will be soon (UPDATE: now are) visible on the EudraGMDP site, whether good or bad, and if you are considered a higher risk it shortens the time between MHRA inspections/visits.

Aside from the cost of £1936 for a full day GDP visit, which will then be spread over a shorter period, bad inspection reports in the public domain can cripple your business.

With the increased regulation and legislation, most wholesalers are not keen to deal with companies that are an increased risk, as it will reflect badly on them.

Please make sure you are as attractive a prospect as possible by keeping up to date and remaining compliant.

You can do this by attending one of our full day GDP training sessions.

Want to know more? Contact us.

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