Dave Rushton of Paradigm Shift is especially skilled in establishing and implementing innovative commercial opportunities as a consultant for other businesses.
He has effective understanding of diverse business environments. He manages process, overcomes barriers to achieve the most favourable outcomes.

One example of this is that he totally reviewed the buying and wholesale operation within my business and eradicated risk and profit weakness. Even more remarkable he managed to achieve significant change despite the individual sensitivities of staff involved.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Dave, and sincerely believe he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to whatever business he is involved with.

He is one of the rare individuals who avoids making promises and commitments he doesn’t wholeheartedly believe he can deliver.

Medication Delivery Services Ltd

David is currently acting as Consultant Responsible Person for our company and has been a great asset in re-formatting and quality management of our compliance with Good Distribution Practice.

David’s knowledge and understanding is excellent and he has a practical head on his shoulders as far as implementation goes.

He ensures that all matters are dealt with professionally, and results achieved successfully.

David has an easy but authoritative manner and works well within all levels of a company, especially when training and making sure that everyone buys into the quality management system.

He is definitely an asset and is honest, reliable and totally dependable.

Ashok Kumar, Chairman GP Laboratories

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