In Reference to Mr. D Rushton 

I have known Dave Rushton both personally and professionally for 6 years.

Over this period, I have found him to be of the highest possible integrity, diligent and extremely professional.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to any of our clients, with direct contact between Dave and client as I have complete trust in him regarding his honesty, industry knowledge, and business ethic.

Should the reader of the reference wish to contact me directly, I have no issue with the contact and would advise to call me on 08450 344 353.

With sincerest regards

Tony Palmer
General Manager

Automated Data Management

Dave was helpful, professional and efficient, ensuring my new RP was trained and supported through the first months of his posting.

Paradigm Shift have continued to support us when we have had questions, by phone or email, and their website site offers a lot of useful information and advice in the blog section.

The structure and planning tools they gave us has made things so much more simple and straightforward, and has taken away the guesswork element.

I recommend and endorse Paradigm Shift Consulting for their knowledge, advice and the fact that they never blinded us with jargon.

Zain Khan

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