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Paradigm Shift Consulting are a third-party provider of the PharmaDoctor suite of services.

Whether you are looking to provide travel health solutions, from anti-malarials to yellow fever vaccinations, we can arrange full training and marketing support to get your clinic up and running, and to become a success.

Want to provide Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Travel or other clinics? We have a bespoke solution for you.

Travel Clinic including Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Paediatric solutions:
We can help you set up your full, or mini, travel clinic. Whether you want to become a full travel health destination, or be able to offer anti-malarial tablets, we can help you achieve your goal.

With Bronze, Silver and Gold options, you can decide what fits your needs best.

Bronze: 16 PGDs, with 2 full days of lectures/training
Silver: 16 PGDs, with 1 full day of lectures/training and a nurse assessment visit with your patients
Gold: 16 PGDs, with 1 full day of lectures/training and a nurse assessment visit with your patients, PLUS Yellow Fever, Shingles and Paediatric PGDs.

Patient Group Direction (PGD): With the “Pay-Per-Use” system we can register you for any of the oral medication Patient Group Directions, so you only pay for the service you use. In many cases this can be more cost effective than buying the PGDs outright, as you only pay £5 per successful consult.

This caps after 12 consultations, at a maximum of £60. You can then use the PGD for the rest of the twelve month period for no extra charge.

Want to set up a private clinic with every PGD? You can do so in this fashion with no initial cash outlay, just the time it takes to set up your account and to successfully complete the training.

That said the key PGDs that many customers find to give them value are; erectile dysfunction, anti-malarials, salbutamol and the morning after pill/emergency hormonal contraception, and it may make more sense to buy these outright, with prices from £45 per PGD, or lower as part of a bespoke package.

Online Doctor:

The PharmaDoctor online doctor solution can work in two ways;

1) You register your pharmacy with Paradigm and we enter the postcode and pharmacy details to the PharmaDoctor website. Any prospective customer that comes to PharmaDoctor for a consultation is directed to your pharmacy, and becomes your life-time patient.

2) You have the embedded PharmaDoctor Online Doctor on your website. For NO COST the PharmaDoctor site can be embedded on it’s own page on your site.

For example visit Douglas Pharmacy here;

Hover your cursor over any of the buttons and you will see in the bottom left corner the PharmaDoctor embed URL.

This service is similar to the Webscripts product that was provided by Alliance Healthcare, but at zero cost. Please bear in mind your web developers may charge for the embed.

How does this benefit you financially? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

If you need a website, please contact us and we will direct you to our choice of leading pharmacy website developers.

The benefits of this private healthcare solution are many;

1) Capture every paying patient that comes through the door seeking a private healthcare solution.
2) Patient doesn’t fit the PGD criteria for some reason? Let them use the Online Doctor.
3) Patient cannot get a doctors appointment? Supply via PGD or Online Doctor.
4) Promote the clinics with local businesses and leaflets. Unlike NHS services you are free to promote private health solutions, BUT you must remember any literature you create should be sense-checked before issuing.

Note: You can promote a service, but NOT a prescription medication. The MHRA are fair and reasonable, but if you have to destroy all of your marketing materials you may feel a little silly, and if your site is shut down you risk loss of business, and loss of face.

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