Pharmacy GDP – Good Distribution Practice for Pharmacies in the UK?

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With the updates to EU GDP last year many small pharmacy wholesale operations are still catching up and coming to terms with the impact that it has on their business, but is there a bigger problem ahead?

For years pharmacies have been audited by the RPSGB and now the GPhC, yet how many are still not compliant with the most basic levels of Good Distribution Practice?

How many pharmacies are without climate control or air conditioning, and suffer extremes of heat in the summer and risk extremes of cold in the winter?

How many pharmacies use a domestic refrigerator to store products? Fridges that collect ice at the back, have solid shelves that do not allow airflow, have no internal fans, and even have an auto-defrost function?

How many pharmacies have temperature mapped vehicles, with climate control?

How many can say that they know what temperature their products were at any given point in the day, either on the shelf or in the delivery van?

Well, the writing is on the wall, and Pharmacy GDP is on the way.

What use maintaining the supply chain to get medicine to the pharmacy when these products can end up sat in the back of a van for the best part of a day in temperatures well over 30 degrees when the pharmacy delivers them to patients?

Some might suggest that it is pointless.

Are you ready for Pharmacy GDP and all that it will entail?

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