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As a senior manger, Licence Holder or Responsible Person (RP) what training have you had, what do you offer your teams, and do you take regular update/refresher training to evidence your continual professional development?

GDP training is a requirement for all staff members in GxP require to maintain and develop knowledge and to work towards compliance, resulting in a reduction in potential mistakes and reduction of risk.

At Paradigm we offer a range of training courses designed to suit all pockets, needs and business models.

We regularly host training sessions at our office in Northamptonshire and we can also bring the training to you, especially if there are multiple people that need training. Bring colleagues and friends together, and we can arrange a larger event which will reduce the costs for all attendees.

Whether you need an onsite training for drivers, warehouse staff, administrators or sales staff, or you wish to join us for an advanced GDP or RP training course, we can help.


So… what is involved in your RP GDP Training?

A full day of intensive training covers all 10 working chapters of the EU GDP guidelines 2013/C 343/01 (you will get a full copy of this to keep and read throughout the session), which includes topics such as: Risk Management, Transportation, Duties of an RP, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Management Reviews, Returns, Falsified Medicines, and more.

Each chapter will be broken down into various slides with each slide covering the main points of the chapter, referring to SOPs and real-life examples to help give you further understanding.


We are currently mapping our training to the Cogent Gold Standard for responsible persons. We are Cogent Assured Providers, and are permitted to use the badge, however we are waiting until our mapping is completed.


We also offer half-day training sessions which offer more detail on some of the topics that aren’t as thoroughly covered in the Guidelines.

For example: Self-Inspection & Auditing, Risk Management, or Change Control, CAPAs, Deviations, Complaints and Falsified Medicines.

These sessions will give you further knowledge and a greater understanding of certain areas of GDP compliance that will increase patient safety and product quality.

Who doesn’t want that?


There is a requirement to be able to evidence competency based training, therefore each training course will include a pre and post training test to show an improvement in your knowledge/understanding.

Passing the post-training test is needed for you to receive a certificate of successful completion of the course. All attendees will otherwise only receive a certificate of attendance.


We can create tailored training sessions (with appropriate notice) to cover any GDP topics that you and your team need further information on. This will be helpful if there is a certain area of your operations where there are a number of deficiencies or deviations.

This means that you’ll be investing in training that is wholly relevant to you and your team.


UPDATE: we have recently changed our GDP training courses by adding an extra day to give you further knowledge and understanding. Take a look at our recent blog post for details.


If you need training, view our training calendar to find all upcoming dates.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

Contact us at for a free consultation about what you need.

If you need a Responsible Person, talk to us about our cost effective Contracted Responsible Person options or further support via our compliance support packages.

Welcome to a new Paradigm!

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