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Oct 14


With the new version of the wholesale dealer licence (WL, or WDL to many) there is a new way to apply for your Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for medicines for human use (WDA(H)).

Use of the MHRA Portal has made the job significantly easier, as it allows you to save your work and return if you do not have the time to carry out the job in one sitting.

In a previous post we explained how we can assist you with your WDA application, however the new online MHRA Portal is (in our opinion) user friendly and simple.

Visit the MHRA portal to register.

After registration the MHRA will confirm via email when your account becomes live, and you can then add your further information to the MHRA portal.

For more information, including how to register and how to submit your application view our post;

Too lazy to read through our “How to” or feel that you still need help accessing and updating your application on the MHRA Portal?

Contact us for a free and no obligation conversation, we’re here to assist.



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