Manufacturers – Are you operating without a WDA(H)?

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As many of you will know, manufacturers do NOT need a WDA(H) (Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for medicines for human use) if they are distributing their own products.

What many manufacturers do not realise is that they are now operating illegally by procuring, supplying, invoicing etc.

UK Manufacturers;

Are you conducting wholesaling activities in other countries?

Are you carrying out administrative work relating to procurement, supply, storage, invoicing of product in other countries?

Are you exporting pharmaceutical products / shipping outside the EU?

If so you will most likely require a WDA(H) to cover these activities.

We can help, and offer cost effective, fixed price solutions.

Whether you need driver/warehouse GDP Training, Responsible Person refresher training, a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation / WDA(H), Contracted Responsible Persons or Contracted Deputy Responsible Persons, we can offer solutions to fit all business models and all pockets.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion, we are here to assist.

Welcome to a new paradigm!

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