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How much will you pay for your GDP training?

£500 per person, for a day? £680, pppd? £850 pppd, including lunch? Don’t forget your VAT addition. And the travel costs… and if you are a pharmacy wholesaler, your locum/backfill.

At these prices your GDP training can cost you over £1000, and for a small pharmacy skimming operation that may exceed your monthly profits.

Paradigm Shift Consulting offer basic GDP training, advanced GDP training, driver or store person GDP training and RP GDP training. We can deliver face to face onsite, in a training room or via webinar, and work with you to ensure you get the training you need in the areas you need.

Prices vary significantly depending on who you work with, and the quality of your GDP training will vary.

Regular (we suggest annual as a MINIMUM) RP training is now a regulatory requirement, and for those who think they know it all… you don’t. There is a lot to be learned from mixing with fellow RPs.

Anecdotal evidence, tips and tricks and general understanding are the value you will get from a GDP training session.

Our Founder, Dave Rushton, took his annual Good Distribution Practice training with Pharmacy Consulting (, including a separate and excellent training session on auditing with Dawn Chivers.

Jackie Peck, owner of PCL, provides an excellent value service, and the certificated training was good value at list price of £500 + VAT per person… and if a number of you club together you could request a price for training at your own site, or even bespoke training targeted at your needs. Bear in mind travel and accommodation costs will boost this, but it can still be excellent value.

What is your business worth to you? Are you compliant? What might you learn from working with professionals.

If you skim off stock in a single pharmacy site, you may need to pay a month or more profit for a days GDP training. Is this value?

Add in a locum payment and your travel, and it could be two or more months profit… is this value?

If you don’t train, what might that added cost be? Suspension? Revocation? A risk based inspection demanding a reduced period for visits?

Every MHRA inspection costs you £1936, so you need to ensure you are compliant and GDP training will assist you on this path.

Not all businesses are made equal, nor is all GDP training.

We use for our update GDP training.

Who do you use, or who will you use?

Unlike some other companies, we understand that your small wholesaler/pharmacy skimming model may require a more focused training program on regulatory and commercial considerations, and if you have a number of staff to be trained we can provide a consultant on a reasonable day rate to train a group… for the right customers.

Bespoke GDP training is a different matter, and good bespoke PowerPoint presentations take time (and money) to build, as does the provision of printed supporting media.

At Paradigm we are working toward being paperless and will share slideshows we create for you. We understand that some of you will share this information with others, but that is a risk we are prepared to take.

If they learn something we are happy, as it potentially reduces risk to the patient and increases the safety of the supply chain. But it is still theft and the message often doesn’t translate as not everything in the GDP training will be on the PowerPoint.

There is a real lack of good information in relation to good distribution practice, and the regulator the MHRA are not here to tell us how to do our jobs, so you need to update and be on the cutting edge.

Remember that if you ask your Inspector for advice on something you should know, you are more likely to be increasing your risk profile than to get an answer.

Use free resources like the European Guidance on GDP November 2013
to increase your knowledge and do your part to secure the supply chain. But remember your requirement to have regular GDP training, don’t bother with £65 online training… is it really of any value or do you think it will “tick a box”?

If the medicines were destined for your son, daughter, grandchild, grandparent or sibling. Would you want them to receive medicinal products how they were intended to be, or a degraded version due to poor management?

Contact us and we will be happy to assess your good distribution practice training requirements and provide a solution.

Even if it’s with Pharmacy Consulting and not us.

There is enough work for the hard workers, so find a hard working company that genuinely has your and the patients best interests at heart.



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