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The full day rate for an MHRA Good Distribution Practice inspection is £1936.00

This rate is reduced for wholesalers who only supply GSL (General Sales List) products, or for small wholesaler dealers where wholesaling of licensed products does not exceed 15% or £35,000 of total turnover, but ONLY where the inspector spends less than 3.5 hours onsite.

In circumstances where the inspector finds deviations you will spend more time, and potentially more money, so ensure you are compliant with the Good Distribution Practice requirements.

Your initial inspection is usually followed twelve months later by the next. If you are found to be fully compliant you may not be inspected for up to four years. This reduces the cost to less than £1 a week.

It pays to remain inspection ready and ensure that any changes, deviations, deficiencies etc are managed in good time.

Failure to manage your business could end up very expensive, especially at almost £2000 a visit by the regulator.

Action from the IAG (Inspection Action Group) can lead to suspension, and loss of reputation and earnings.

Contact us if you’d like a third party audit, advice or a pre-inspection report.

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