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The European Medicines Agency database of good manufacturing practice and good distribution practice compliance continues to be populated as more sites are inspected.

GMP and GDP compliance certificates will be uploaded to the site, and will allow prospective customers or suppliers (or other interested third parties, including competitors) view them at will.

What does this mean to you as a wholesaler? Is this a good thing?

We believe it is a leap forward, and that any more clarity can only be a good thing as it puts any “dirty laundry” in plain view.

We recommend that as part of your bona fides checks you start to review the website and search your suppliers.

Any who are failing to comply should be risk assessed and if deemed a high risk to your supply chain, you should review whether you have potential alternative suppliers.

Whether your interest is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GDP (Good Distributon Practice) or APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) the site has links. You can check inspection reports, licences and more.

Click the following link;

Google search EUDRAGMDP to find the site.

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