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Since the approval for specialist prescribers to write scripts for CBMPs (Cannabis based medicinal products) was given for 01 Nov 2019, there has been a flurry of activity to get licensed.

Paradigm Shift have had multiple enquiries about licensing for CBPMs, and are working with a number of companies in their applications for WDA (Wholesale Distribution Authorisation), Home Office narcotic licence and in some cases their MS (manufacturer specials licence).

It’s true that the legislative and regulatory minefield is perplexing many, not least the MHRA and Home Office teams.

Interested in becoming licensed for supply?

Contact us with information on your;

1) Business model – what do you wish to achieve, and what is your route to patient;
2) Your organisation chart, staff and future planned org chart, including the team details and ;
3) Experience with wholesale, and controlled drugs;
4) Any other useful information that may help us support an application.

As with all licences, organisations are expected to have a sound business model, with considerations of risks, appropriately trained personnel and suitable facilities, whether their own or a third party site.

Interested in growing cannabis products? This is also a licensed activity.

More information can be found HERE

Want to know more, or to set up a CBMP wholesale operation?

Contact us for a no obligation consultation, and we will advise you on your best route.

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