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Paradigm Shift Consulting Is Here To Help!

We provide products and services to wholesalers requiring Good Distribution Practice advice, and the independent pharmacy sector, specialising in streamlining operations, placing response persons, updating quality systems, providing training, auditing and increasing profitability.

We have many satisfied customers who have used our services to take advantage of innovations in the fast moving pharmaceutical market.

Whether this is setting up assisting in gaining/managing a Wholesale Dealers License/Wholesale Distribution Authorisation, implementing private PGDs, a travel clinic, care home hub, or setting up an online doctor, we can help.

Need help mapping your warehouse or fridge? We can direct to a range of service providers or teach you how.

We understand that RPs and pharmacists are hugely over burdened with regulatory and clinical governance requirements whilst trying to balance the ever increasing regulatory or NHS workload.

We are here to help, with simple, hassle free solutions, so you can get on with what you do best, looking after your patients, or supplying your clients.

Review our blog, which offers a lot of FREE advice and support.

Check our services page for some of our offerings, or contact us for a free 5 minute consultation.

Paradigm Shift Team

Paradigm Team

Bernard LawlorSenior Associate

Bernard Lawlor is senior associate at Paradigm Shift Consulting Limited. Bernard has significant ...

Dave RushtonFounder

Dave Rushton is Founder of Paradigm Shift Consulting Limited, a Good Distribution Practice Consultan...

Wojtek "Mike" BerezaPharmaceutical Consultant

Wojtek Bereza is Managing Director of Pharmacy CPA, Voyager Medical and Superintendent Pharmacist of...

Nik SangharaResponsible Person

Nik Sanghara is an experienced Regulatory Affairs Manager, MHRA and Home Office registered Responsib...

Meet the Team

The Paradigm Shift Consulting Team are a “collective” and our departments work closely with each other, offering support and opinions, ensuring the client gets the best “bang for their buck.”

Wherever possible, and where budget allows, we find that having more than one set of eyes on a project offers inherent value and gives a broader perspective on each project.

Dave Rushton

Founder, has over twenty years of management experience in the hotel, telecoms and pharmaceutical sectors. He set up Paradigm Shift after his own experiences in the sector left him wanting more tailored and personal support than was available, and finding that there was a dearth of good information in relation to Good Distribution Practice.

Bernard Lawlor

Senior Associate, has worked for some of the largest Irish wholesalers, as well as having a wealth of experience in the dairy/cold transport sectors. Bernard is a focused and dedicated team player, and genuinely loves his work.

Phil Cobbold

Associate, is a no-nonsense, straight talker, and has 30 years experience in logistics and pharma. He enjoys business improvement and is a “can do” guy.

Wojtek “Mike” Bereza

Pharmaceutical Consultant, is MD of Pharmacy CPA, Superintendent Pharmacist of Douglas Pharmacy and Travel Clinic and MD of PharmaDoctor. Wojtek has significant experience in pharmacy, private healthcare, PGDs and startups.

Matthew Cooper

Marketing and Operations Manager, has worked in GDP licensed sites and managed retail shops, and has a broad range of experience to knowledge to offer. With a keen eye for business improvement and development.

Wayne Allen

Quality Consultant and Responsible Person

Katie Duckworth 


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