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Nov 17

Purchasing Solutions

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Purchasing Solutions 

Our professional and experienced buyers and consultants can work with you as an extension of your purchasing team, working directly for your company under a technical agreement and non-disclosure agreement.

Our purchasing solutions service offers advice on cost reduction, considers general business, commercial opportunities and developing your buying strategy.

Whether on retainer, or a consultancy basis, we will work with you to develop your staff and enhance your buying prices.

As we work directly for you, and your staff negotiate and carry out the work, there is no broker activity, nor any need to vary your WDA, as all procurement is carried out by your company, not ours.

We can assist with pricing improvements for:

Generic lines

OTC (Over the Counter) lines

Pharmacy, Prescription Only and General Sales List lines

Branded products

Surgical products and dressings

You can benefit from our buying experience and network.

Services Include:

An initial audit of past purchases

Review of suppliers and current terms

interview and training of personnel

Good procurement drives your bottom line and is critically important to your business, requiring careful management.

Intelligent buying allows your business to grow and work smart and leaner, generating higher returns.

We can also offer a discount referral to MediRegs to support your Bona Fides checks.

Is your procurement function up to the challenge?

Call us for a free, no obligation 20 minute consultation.



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