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May 17

Cedar Medical Supplies Ltd

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To Whom It May Concern,

I have known David Rushton for approximately 3 years in a professional capacity.

Throughout the period I have known him he has been extremely professional and has helped us considerably in many aspects of setting up our license and with ongoing inspections.

The aspects we have encountered are as below;

  • Customer Focus – For us, as a small start-up, we have always relied on David for quick queries and complex queries. David has always responded in a timely manner and has always been accessible for us when we have needed him.
  • Patient Focus – David has always brought an ethical slant on situations and queries putting the patient at the centre of everything we do to the point now where we use this in everyday business and include this as a value for us as a business.
  • Excellence in Knowledge – David’s knowledge is phenomenal and he has the exceptional quality of breaking this down into layman’s terms so everyone in the business can work with him towards a common goal.

Above all, which is a true testament to David is that we now ask the question ‘What would Dave say…’ which helps us as a business deliver exceptional service and stay on the right side of the MHRA

I am happy for you to contact me if you would like to further discuss any aspect of this reference.

Yours faithfully,

Shahid Mahmood
Director / RP